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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Kashmi the Meal Money Please!

There is a new financial mobile application in Singapore: Kashmi
It is a friend-to-friend money transfer app.
It is the kind of app for your to do bill-splitting
You can create groups with people you frequently bill-split with - convenience to send a request to ask them to transfer you the money.
You will get reminders on who you still owe money to - no more awkward moments when you forget to transfer money to your friends.
Now you can easily get money back after paying for a meal without worrying about finding exact change for your friends!

In addition, it is free to use the app.
It is free to transfer money in or out of your account.
It is free to transfer or receive money from your friends

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Free $2
Sign up today for a Kashmi account with this link:
Enter the promo code: chee04
Your Kashmi account will be credited with $2!
Not bad right? Downloading an app and earn 2 cups of coffee.
*a little disclosure, while you get $2, we get $2 as well! :)

There's more!
For every friend you refer to sign up, both of you will get $2 as well!

Free $10
Top up your Kashmi account with $30 via eNets.
Then transfer a friend of yours a minimum of $5 (remember to key in 'NETS10' on the "What's it for?" field when you are transferring the money to your friend.
Once your friend accepts the transfer, he/she will receive the money.
It might take a day or two before your Kashmi account is credited with the $10.
Hurry! this promotion is only available until 2 September 2016!

Download the app today

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