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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Buckle's Coming Big Special Dividend

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The Buckle's (NYSE:BKE) dividend history shows an alternating special dividend history. Buckle gives its shareholders a special dividend that is 1 year huge and the following year small, followed by a huge special dividend the next year.
(click to enlarge)Buckle
2012's special dividend is a huge $4.70, followed by 2013's smaller $1.42 special dividend. This trend has repeated over the years that Buckle had issued a special dividend. While the exact special dividend amount cannot be accurately predicted, the amount should be the average of the past years of around $2.5 per share.
At the current price of $47.19, the projected special dividend yield is around 5.3%, excluding the $0.22 quarterly dividend and any other potential upsides. Including the quarterly dividend ($2.5 + $0.22), Buckle's next quarter's projected yield is around 5.76%.
I would be interested to add Buckle into my portfolio if it falls to below $45 because the projected dividend yield would be boosted to 6% ($2.72/$45).

PS: I own no shares of the above mentioned company. I am merely posting my views about this company. I am also not receiving compensation from the above company or any other company. Above predicted results are just my estimates and are by no means any form of recommendation to purchase the stock. 
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