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Sunday, 20 November 2016

New Singapore REIT ETF!

SGX recently launched a new product: the REIT ETF (Real Estate Investment Trust Exchange-Traded Fund).
If you think properties are good, diversification is good, the new REIT ETF is the product for you!
What is an ETF? Click HERE to find out.
What is a REIT? Click HERE to find out.

Some details of the REIT ETF:
1) Tracks performance of 30 top dividend-paying REITs (note: NOT Market Cap weighted)
2) It is main traded in USD BUT it can also be bought in SGD, but prices are subjected to FX changes
3) Consists of REITs listed in the Asia Pacific (without Japan)
More details on the REIT ETF: HERE

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Benefits of the REIT ETF
1) Low management fees of 0.05%
2) Exposure to Asia Pacific REITs, not just Singapore listed REITs
3) Diversification to 30 REITs instead of just a few REITs

As we come near to the end of 2016, there are some questions we should be thinking about:

1) How to position my portfolio for 2017?
2) Should I invest in the new REIT ETF?
3) What to invest in Singapore for the year 2017?

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If anyone of these questions is one of your concern, is it time for you to join the following seminar and listen to some of the financial industry's experts about their views for 2017!

Market Outlook 2017:

Finding Income & Managing Risk Forum

Join us and listen from industry experts on their take about the investment environment for the year 2017!
The panel of speakers includes:
Tan Teck Leng - Senior Fund Manager, Phillip Capital Management
Vivien Lim - Investment Solutions Manager, Phillip Capital Management
Geoff Howie - Market Strategist of Singapore Exchange
Cheng Chye Hsern - Head of Investment Team, Providend Ltd

Event Details:
Date: 26th November 2016
Location: The Star Performing Arts Centre, Level 3
Time: 10.00AM - 1.00PM (Registration starts at 9.20AM)
Price: FREE
Freebies: First 100 to arrive early for registration will get a mystery gift!

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Trump Presidency? Clinton Presidency?

In a few more hours, we will know exactly who has won the US Presidential Election!
This election probably has got every one talking about how horrible both primary Presidential candidates are.
Stock markets all arond the world are plunging (OUCH!)

From the structure of the US Congress, we know that whoever wins the Presidential elections, to pass any laws, the President would have to get his or her Bill passed by the Congress (made up of the House and the Senate).
That means technically, any laws that are potentially dangerous to the US or to the world can be blocked by the Congress

But there is another issue at hand!
The Senate and the House are now having elections as well and things are leaning towards the Republicans side!
So imagine a scenario where you have a Republican President who has the ability to set laws and Bills, and the organisation made to prevent the President from allowing unwise laws to be enacted, are on the same side as the President.
That last line of defence, that last hope, literally non-existance!


Sunday, 6 November 2016

High Frequency Trading the Next Big Thing?

As the age of internet dawn on us, we would expect the financial markets to become more transparent, more efficient, and provide a level playing field for all investors/traders. 
However, actual reality is the opposite: markets are not much more transparent than they used to be, and increasingly, we are being pitted against computers, or more specifically: High-Frequency Traders!

High-frequency traders use the internet to carry out high-frequency trading: using a complex algorithm to search the whole financial markets and trade a large number of securities in matters of seconds. 
High-frequency trading is usually employed by large institutions and funds, and they pose as an unfair advantage against small investors because most trading opportunities that you find, the computer might make a move ahead of you and pocket that gain for its trader.

Despite the odds being stacked against small investors, there is still room for investors/traders to make money in the stock market. You can still invest before the computer makes its move or use techniques to spot trends, advanced techniques that the computers are unable to comprehend efficiently in its algorithm!

Revolution to Trading Singapore Stocks 
using Top 30 Volume

Learning Points1) How are Technical Analysis (TA) and Fundamental Analysis (FA) showing lagging indications?
2) How to pick stocks from the Top 30 Volume?
3) The Most Powerful Chart (hidden buying vs hiding selling)
4) Risk Management for Contra Trades
5) Sneak Peek into new category of Growth stocks

Speaker: Ronald K- Self-made millionaire investor
- Featured in Sunday Times twice for his approach to investing

Event Details:
Date: 12 November 2016 (Saturday)
Location: City Index Asia Pte Ltd
Time: 10.00AM  3.00PM (registration starts from 9.30AM)
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