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Thursday, 9 June 2016

REITs Symposium 2016: Take-aways

We went to the REIT Symposium 2016 at Suntec City Convention last Saturday.
Below are some points we think you might be interested to know and also some other points you should take note of.

1. Singapore REITs ETF to be launched soon on SGX
An REITs ETF based on the current SGX REIT Index will soon be in the Singapore market for retailers. Instead of having to pick and diversify across the asset types that each REIT is geared to specialise in, retailers now can opt for a REITs ETF which covers all different real estate types and capitalise on the property market as a whole. The structure and exact conditions in place are still unclear as there are not much information being released on this in the event. However, we certainly can look forward to something new in the market that will be beneficial to retailers.

Update: More information can be found here in this link:

2. REITs are quite prepared for Rate Hikes
While the fear of interest rate hikes looms, analysts felt that the impact would not be dramatic as investors have been bracing such news for a long time and the damages may have been reflected in current market prices. Pertaining to REITs' context, it seems that REITs are adequately hedged as they can be seen have a longer loan tenures since the periods of increasing interest rates. The analysts also mentioned that most REITs managers have hedged their interest rates against the potential rate hikes, securing their interest rates for the next few years. While they are not totally immune to interest rate hikes, REITs are presently in a better position to defend against such moves.

3. Be contented with the Investment Returns you are getting
Be happy with the rate of returns you are getting, especially if it meets your targeted growth rate. If you were aiming for a 8% returns each year, be happy when you managed to reach it. Don't be affected by the returns others are getting. Many people today are jealous when their friends managed to get a 10% return on their investment and end up being unhappy with their own 8% returns.
Be happy with your results, investment is a personal thing, it is not a competition!

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4. Invest in Units instead of Spending Cash
Re-invest into REITs units when you get dividends from them. Keep the bonus REITs shares that are given to you instead of selling them. Over the long-term, your goal should be to accumulate more units in a REIT instead of accumulating more cash payouts from the REIT (even though that is the ultimate goal).
As you accumulate more units, you will in turn receive a larger payouts in the future.
The reason to avoid getting more cash is because of the tendency for us to spend that cash instead of investing it back to reap greater returns for the future.
However, do note that you might want to consider diversifying the income to different REITs; avoid being too concentrated in a particular REIT(s).

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