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Sunday, 6 November 2016

High Frequency Trading the Next Big Thing?

As the age of internet dawn on us, we would expect the financial markets to become more transparent, more efficient, and provide a level playing field for all investors/traders. 
However, actual reality is the opposite: markets are not much more transparent than they used to be, and increasingly, we are being pitted against computers, or more specifically: High-Frequency Traders!

High-frequency traders use the internet to carry out high-frequency trading: using a complex algorithm to search the whole financial markets and trade a large number of securities in matters of seconds. 
High-frequency trading is usually employed by large institutions and funds, and they pose as an unfair advantage against small investors because most trading opportunities that you find, the computer might make a move ahead of you and pocket that gain for its trader.

Despite the odds being stacked against small investors, there is still room for investors/traders to make money in the stock market. You can still invest before the computer makes its move or use techniques to spot trends, advanced techniques that the computers are unable to comprehend efficiently in its algorithm!

Revolution to Trading Singapore Stocks 
using Top 30 Volume

Learning Points1) How are Technical Analysis (TA) and Fundamental Analysis (FA) showing lagging indications?
2) How to pick stocks from the Top 30 Volume?
3) The Most Powerful Chart (hidden buying vs hiding selling)
4) Risk Management for Contra Trades
5) Sneak Peek into new category of Growth stocks

Speaker: Ronald K- Self-made millionaire investor
- Featured in Sunday Times twice for his approach to investing

Event Details:
Date: 12 November 2016 (Saturday)
Location: City Index Asia Pte Ltd
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