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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Trump Presidency? Clinton Presidency?

In a few more hours, we will know exactly who has won the US Presidential Election!
This election probably has got every one talking about how horrible both primary Presidential candidates are.
Stock markets all arond the world are plunging (OUCH!)

From the structure of the US Congress, we know that whoever wins the Presidential elections, to pass any laws, the President would have to get his or her Bill passed by the Congress (made up of the House and the Senate).
That means technically, any laws that are potentially dangerous to the US or to the world can be blocked by the Congress

But there is another issue at hand!
The Senate and the House are now having elections as well and things are leaning towards the Republicans side!
So imagine a scenario where you have a Republican President who has the ability to set laws and Bills, and the organisation made to prevent the President from allowing unwise laws to be enacted, are on the same side as the President.
That last line of defence, that last hope, literally non-existance!

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