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Sunday, 21 December 2014

2 Must-Read for all New Investors

Today, I would like to recommend 2 books that I think are by far the best investment books I have read since I started investing.

Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio.
Warren Buffett and the Art of Stock Arbitrage

Both books are by Mary Buffett and David Clark.
They are easy to read and easy to understand for a new investor.

Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio explains how Warren Buffett identify which companies are great and worth investing in simple layman terms - Earnings Per Share (EPS) and Growth Rates. It comes with plenty of examples as well to aid in the understanding of them.

Warren Buffett & the Art of Stock Arbitrage explains the 7 strategies used by Warren Buffett to grow his wealth. Most of the 7 strategies are still applicable in today's world.

It is available in most public libraries and I would say is a must-read for all investors - new and old.
I recommend this to all my friends who are interested in investing because these 2 books have taught me a lot about investment, and I would recommend it to you too!


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