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Friday, 26 December 2014

EVERYONE should Invest

Everyone who wishes to retire should invest for their future, irregardless of their jobs and status.
Anyone relying on their savings for retirement are bound to experience a short-fall in their future income for 2 reasons:
1) The interest rates you get from your savings will never be able to match inflation rate.
2) If you save 10% of your salary each month for 40 years and aim to retire for 30 years, assuming the interest rate you get matches inflation rate, there is no way mathematically you will be able to draw even 10% of your last pay. So if your last pay is not at the $10,000 level, I don't think a comfortable retirement is possible.

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Warren Buffett, one of the best investor and richest person in the world, recently gave some advice to all when he was on CNBC, stating that investors should invest for the long-term. He stated that a low-cost investment vehicle such as an index fund is a great choice for the long-term.

I think most people should invest some part of their savings in a investment vehicle such as a low-cost index fund as retirement planning. Start young and allow the compounding interest to grow the money for a future source of income.

An index is a "tracker" that tracks the price of its underlying asset(s). Example, a S&P500 index tracks the price of 500 largest US companies such as Apple, Google, Wal-mart and Mcdonalds.
An index fund is an investment tool for individuals to buy an index.
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  1. I am a late starter in investment but yes, agreed with you that we all should invest some part of our investable fund so as to ensure that their value will not be eroded by inflation...


    1. Hi Richard,

      Good to know that you are currently invested!
      Though it is a little late for you (actually, I have no idea how old you are), better late than never right :D
      I think the article on "Asset Allocation VS Investment Period" might be a good read for you if you haven't read it yet,especially if you are planning for your retirement
      Keep Investing! :D