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Sunday, 4 October 2015

To a whole new world!

As the blog marches on towards more and more viewers, we are also looking for ways to engage you better, more effectively and via a convenient channel. Few months before, we launched a mailing list for you to receive updates as well as feedbacks on our blog easily. It is a simple mailer that anyone could scrap up from the vast resources that the internet now offers but it was a humble beginning for us to connect to our readers. Some might have noticed that we changed the layout of the email updates slightly to make it more readable and a better user experience. This is compared to the previously more cluttered and wordy layout.

Just few weeks ago, we created a Facebook page to allow our audience to have access to our articles at a even more convenient platform and also to share the information that you think that your friends deserve to know as well.

Today, we would like to invite you to like our page and share it with your friends to catch up on our blog updates instantaneously.

Our Facebook Page

As we strive to improve the site as well as the content that we would like to offer, a survey was created to gather readers' opinions. We value your opinions but as much as we hope to quickly correct for the better, there are limitations as to what we can offer and provide. We can only ask for your patience and continuous support.

For those who had missed out on the survey, do help us and provide your feedback here.

We are also looking to expand our content in order to provide more for our audience. If you think you can create great articles in the aspect of finance relating to any topics, such as travel, eating or even having fun, do write to us at
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