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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Singapore Budget 2016 - GST Vouchers

Announced on the 24th March 2016's Singapore Budget, Singaporeans will receive their annual GST vouchers for year 2016.
In addition to the normal GST vouchers, this year, the Government will provide a one-time Special GST Voucher - a Bonus!
You will receive a letter in July how much you will get from your GST Voucher.

1) Assessable Income Earned in 2014: $26,000 and below
    Yes, your eligibility for year 2016 GST Voucher is dependent on your 2014 income.
2) Age 21 or above in year 2016
3) Singaporeans residing in Singapore

1) Singaporeans owning more than 1 property as of 31 December 2015 will not get the Special GST Voucher.
2) Assessable Income Earned in 2014: more than $26,000

*you can check your home's annual value from the IRAS website.
The link and instruction is here:

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