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Friday, 14 April 2017

Hu Li Yang Gravity Line Investment Strategy

Hu Li Yang 30 Stock Investing Strategies

What is a Gravity Line? 什么是地心引力线?
A stock's Gravity Line is the average between its 30-day moving average and 72-day moving average.
Gravity Line = (30-day SMA + 72-day SMA)/2
Why this weird number?
I have no idea, it was mentioned in HLY's book that he researched about it and found these 2 numbers gave the best results
一个股票的地心引力线是它的 (30日移动平均价 + 72日移动平均线)/2

Use of Gravity Line? 如何利用地心引力线投资?
1) When the stock price falls to 20% below Gravity Line and
2) Stock Volume greater than the average volume for the past 5 days
This is a signal that the falling trend has reversed and it is time to buy.
This means that the stock is heavily undervalued and the spike in volume could mean that someone has spotted this and is buying into the stock.

1)当股价已跌到低于地心引力线至少 20%

What is a Taser Line? 什么是高压电线?
This is a price line that is 20% above the stock's Gravity Line
Taser Line = Gravity Line x 120%
A stock price that falls below this line tends to continue falling.
一个股票的高压电线是它的(地心引力线 x 120%)

Use of Taser Line? 如何利用高压电线投资?
1) When the Taser Line starts to go flat and
2) The stock price fall below the Taser line
This is a signal that the rising trend has reversed and it is time to sell.
Description: The stock price hits the Taser Line (because it rose too fast), hence it needs to fall back a little (attached by the Gravity Line below it)


Wish to learn more techniques from the Master himself?
Join him in his upcoming seminar in Singapore!
想多向大师学习吗?机会来了! 胡立阳将在新加坡举办一场讲座会。

Hu Li Yang Investing Seminar 2017
胡立阳投资讲座 2017

Learning Points:
1) Is the current market condition suitable for investing or should I wait?
2) What techniques should I use if I wish to invest currently or in the future?
3) What strategies does Mr Hu use that I can use?
4) What temperament should I possess in order to succeed in the stock market?

Speaker: Mr Hu Li Yang (胡立阳先生)
The Godfather of Asian Stock market, Hu Li Yang, is back in Singapore to share with us his view on the investing opportunities and risks in year 2017! Spend 1 full day learning from the Man himself as he would discuss his views and how investors should position their portfolio for the rest of 2017!

Mr Hu previously held the position of Vice-President of Securities in Merrill Lynch in the 1980s, then the biggest securities firm in America. In 1986, he gave up his high paying job and return home to Taiwan to develop and educate its people on investing in the stock market. Since then, he has been regarded as the 'Godfather of Asian Stock Market' and has gone on to published best-selling books on stock market investing.

He accurately predicted that:
1) the Dow Jones Index will rebound on 2009 March,
2) the Taiwan stock market will exit a bear market on 2009 November,
3) Gold's temporary peak on 2009 December,
and many more!

拥有 ‘亚洲股市教父’ 和 ‘故事神童’ 职称的胡立阳回来了。在这次的讲座中,胡立阳将与你分享他对未来一年股市的动向和如何从中赚到钱。 除了与胡立阳老师有近距离接触之外,你也将学到他花了毕生心血专研出来的股票分析技巧和手法。

胡立阳曾是美林证券行的第一位华人副总裁,在 1986 年,他放弃了在美国的高薪职位,返回了台湾,并大力地推广台湾投资热潮和教育人们如何投资。从此以后,胡立阳就得到了 ’亚洲股市教父‘ 职称,也成功了推出很多关于投资的书。


Event Details:
Date: 8 April 2017, Saturday (4月8日2017年,星期六)
Location: Maybank Kim Eng 48 North Canal Road, Singapore 059305
Time: 10.00AM  6.30PM (registration starts from 9.30AM)
Price: $688 (U.P. $738)
The seminar will be conducted in Chinese

Click HERE for more information on the event!
Click HERE to sign up for the event!

Limited Seats Only! Sign Up Now!
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