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Monday, 27 January 2020

Is Technology After Your Job?

In 10 years, the pilot and the cameraman lost their jobs, but new jobs like drone pilot sprang up.
There will always be jobs in the economy, but are we able to take up that job if we do not upkeep our skillsets.
In the past, the pilot and the cameraman have to take on great risk in order to do 360 degrees kind of shots in the sky (imagine spinning the aircraft).
Today, just a drone will do, and if anything goes wrong, it is the drone that gets killed, not the people on board the aircraft.

Ford & Horse Carriages
We might think that technology is killing jobs, killing good jobs like pilots and cameraman.
But that is how capitalism, or how the world works.
Imagine your great-great-grandfather was trained to be a horse-carriage driver and was making a decent living until Henry Ford came in with his cars and completely killed the horse-carriage industry.
Your great-great-grandfather would probably feel angry at Ford and might blame his government for not protecting the horse-carriage industry or his job.
But fast forward to today, do you miss horse-carriage?
Do you think the world would be a better place if everyone owned a horse or rode in a horse-carriage?
Same goes for the elevator operators, people who operate lifts for you so that you can go up or down (Yes, there used to be such a job in case you are too young to know 😉, and back then lifts were a lot more complex than pushing a few buttons).
Can you imagine how much more expensive things will be if we did not improve the lift technology to make it simpler?
Just imagine every HDB, every unit has to contribute a sum of money to pay the lift operators' salary (and we probably need a few on shift work) in order to go up and down the block.

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Back then, if you make horse-carriages for a living, had you upskill yourself when the car industry came in, you might be able to get a job in the car industry, or maybe in carpentry (since horse-carriages and carpentry seem similar in nature).
If you rode a horse and ferried people around, you could upskill yourself by getting a driver's license and ferry people around in cars.
Technology will continue to change, so will how we live our lives.
The unfortunate thing is, change is going to become ever faster.
Source: reddit

You can sit back and grumble all you want about how you hate this change and how you want things to go back to where it was when it was easier for you, but it is not going to happen.
Change hit the horse-carriage drivers; it hit the elevator operators; it definitely is going to hit you some point in life.
So it might be better if you pick yourself up, train and upgrade your skillsets so that when the unavoidable change comes, you are better prepared for it.

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