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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

FRS, BRS, ERS Amount

Today's post: The Retirement Sum Amount.
In our previous posts (link HERE ) we talked about the difference between the 3 Retirement Sums, namely the Full Retirement Sum (FRS), Basic Retirement Sum (BRS) and Enhanced Retirement Sum (ERS).
In this post, we are showing the figures for the 3 different Sums.

If your 55th birthday falls in any of the subsequent years, your FRS and BRS will be fixed at that year's Sum.
The ERS, however, can be topped up to every year's new ERS amount.

Figures for the subsequent years after 2020, however, are unable to be published because it is impossible to predict the impact of inflation on the Retirement Sum.
Hence only information for up to 5 years is released.
However, the data from 2021 onward will be released by CPF in the future.

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