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Monday, 24 August 2015

S&P500 Statistical Investment Opportunity

Last Friday, the S&P500 hit red for the first time this year.
Just over 1 day, S&P500 fell from 2035.73 (Thurday's close) to 1970.83 (Friday's close); a drop of 2.7%.

However, during Asian trading hours today, S&P500 fell further to a low of 1913.99 before recovering back to 1933.99.
This represents a 1.86% drop from Friday's close.

We did an article describing how this drop in S&P500 presents an investment opportunity for us.
2Weeks Investing Strategy, we discussed how to invest in the next 2 weeks should the opportunity arise.
This strategy was formulated based on statistics found on CNBC.

Base on the statistics from CNBC, it is predicted that a rebound back to the top (1970.83) would happen within the next 2 weeks.
Within a span of 2days, the S&P500 has dropped by nearly 5%.
From 17 August however, the S&P500 has fallen from 2102.44 to today's 1933.99 - a drop of 8% in a week.
We think that with such a quick drop in price, it would most likely experience the same type of quick rebound upward.

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