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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

STI 3rd Year Trend

Today, we are looking at the 3rd year of every US presidential term and its impact on Singapore Stock Market - in particular the Straits Times Index.

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Since 1999 to 2015, STI tend to slump in August.
It is followed by one of the the biggest rally of the year
This is the month to stay invested or start investing!
Buy when the market is going down, and hold for it to go up! (because it will go up)

Quote of the day:

Together with elections, stock might go up because elections usually happens after a rally in the stock market.
Since the Singapore Election has been set at 11 September 2015, we can expect a pretty decent recovery before the election is up.

1999 STI Price Movement

2003 STI Price Movement

2007 STI Prive Movement

 2011 STI Price Movement

2015 STI Price Movement

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