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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

4 Things to Do at CPF Retirement Planning Roadshow

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CPF is holding their 'CPF Retirement Planning Roadshow' this weekend (sat & sun) at Suntec West Atrium!

There are interesting booths, this time, around at the event.

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1) Virtual Reality Booth
Find out your retirement personality at this station but more importantly: enjoy the VR experience! Play with the machine.

2) Retirement Savings
How much do you need to achieve your retirement lifestyle/income?
Get your figures calculated out over here and that you can start planning early how much you need to save every month.

3) Family Fun
There will be activities there for families (parents + children) to participate in.
Claw machines, paint a coin bank, etc are just some of the games there.
Freebies available too!

4) Talks
Yes, of course, there must be talks for this event.
Talks about planning for your retirement, buying your first house or preparing yourself for your healthcare needs!

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If you would like to know what talks there are and what time, click on the link below!
If you like to know what freebies, what games and experiences are there, click on the link below!
For more information regarding the event, visit the event website HERE!

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