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Friday, 19 August 2016

New Movie Streaming App in Town!

There is a new movie streaming app in town!
Its name is Catchplay!

1) It is a movie streaming service! (No, you do not get dramas or TV series)
2) There are 2 options - unlimited streaming or 1-time rental, more on it below.
3) Don't want to pay for movies? You can sign up with CatchPlay as a non-paying member (Movie Fan Plan). You get 1 free movie every month!  Isn't that great!
4) As you watch, CatchPlay will continue to improve their algorithm to give you the best recommendations, movies that you would love to watch.
5) Comes with a preview feature! You can watch the first 5 minutes of the movie for free before deciding if you wish to rent it or not!

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Unlimited Stream (Movie Lovers Plan: $12.90)
Similar to how other streaming services work
You sign up for a monthly subscription with CatchPlay (Movie Lover plan), and you get to watch an unlimited amount of movies available in their 'Movie Lovers Unlimited' library (they update their movie library every week).
While the vast majority of its movies are available under this plan, some movies (the new or hot ones usually) might not be available for streaming and only available under 1-time rental.
As such, this plan comes with a feature that allows you to watch 1 rental movie for free every month!
What movies are under rental? Check them out under "Hot Picks" section!

1-Time Rental (Movie Fan Plan: Free)
Don't watch movies very often on these services to make it worth your money?
CatchPlay also comes with a 1-time rental of movies.
Just browse their website, and if you see any movies you like, just rent it!
Yes - it is just that simple!
Rental of 1 movie is either $3.50 or $6.00.
Also, part of this 'plan' is, you get to watch 1 free movie every month from their selected list of movies! Ain't that great!
To check out what is available for free for that month, browse their "On The House" section!

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Promotions currently:
Free 2 months of viewing if you
     i) like their Facebook page!
     ii) sign up with your Facebook or mobile number over at their website!
     iii) join their 'Movie Lover' plan
     iv) enter the promo code found on their Facebook page
     v) Remember to do all this before 21st August 2016

Wondering what is available in their library?
Just head over to their website to find out today!

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