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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Singapore Budget 2017 - U-SAVE GST Vouchers

Announced on the 20th February 2017's Singapore Budget, Singaporeans will receive their annual U-SAVE GST vouchers for year 2017.
The U-SAVE GST Voucher is used to help households reduce their utility bills.
This year, there will be an increase in the U-SAVE Vouchers to help families cope with their utility bills that are set to rise.
The amount will increase by $40-$120, depending on flat type.
This increase is permanent (next year, you can expect to get the same amount of U-SAVE you get this year if you are still staying in your current flat).

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The amount of rebate is as per below:

The months of rebates are as per below:

So, your household will receive the appropriate rebates during the stated months above.

1) If you own more than 1 property, you do not qualify for the U-SAVE GST Voucher.
2) If you are staying in private residences, you do not qualify for U-SAVE GST Voucher as well.

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